Our Services

It is our experience that consumers' perceptions of a company are based on the totality of messages they receive about the organization, its products/services and people. From the beginning, we have counseled our clients to work with us to integrate the wide range of marketing promotion tools to communicate effectively with one consistent image to their target markets. This requires a "big picture" approach to planning their marketing programs.

Our ideas are created to utilize any or all of the promotional mix alternatives, based on marketing goals and objectives: advertising, direct marketing, public relations, sales promotions or personal selling.

Working with you will be a team of experienced professionals in account service, media, creative and production.


Our Services Include:

Account Services

Account Management

Research & Analysis

Strategic Planning



Special Events

Trade Shows


Creative Services (Electronic)

Broadcast & Cable TV Commercials/Informercials

Radio Annoucements

Videos for Merchandising, Direct Marketing & Sales Training

Website Development

Online Banners/Pop-Ups (Animated GIF or Interactive Flash)


Creative Services (Print)

Newspaper ROP and FSI

Magazine/Trade Journals

Direct Mail


Annual Reports

Corporate Identity / Logo Design

Point of Sale

Sales Literature

Folders and Brochures

Package Design

Trade show Exhibits

Media Services

Market Analysis

Competitive Analysis

Media Planning

Negotiating & Buying

Post-Buy Analysis


Production Services

Computer Art, Illustration

Color Laser Proofs

Image Editing

Computer Phhoto Retouching

Packaging Prototypes

Printing Supervision


Public Relations

Policy & Program Development

Program Execution

Media Relations or Publicity

Special Events

Grand Opening

New Product Releases