Our Approach

Research and Planning

The approach to our marketing partnership is to work with you to develop a plan that allows us to understand your organization, your industry and your competition as well as you do. Only then do we have the perspective and marketing information needed to develop big ideas and achieve breakthrough successes.

Marketing Plan

We start by reviewing your Marketing Plan to understand your organization's marketing objectives and strategies. It is highly important for us to know where you've been, your current position in the market, where you intend to go and your plans to get there. Because marketing promotion is one of the four integral parts of the marketing mix (the 4 Ps), we must also know about your objectives for product planning and production, pricing and place or distribution elements. (If your organization doesn't have a written Marketing Plan, we can assist you in its preparation.)

Marketing Strategy ( The Marketing Mix = the 4 Ps )

4 Ps: Product, Price, Place and Promotion (Promotional Mix - Advertising, Direct Marketing, Sales Promotion, Public Relations, Personal Selling)

Marketing Communications Plan

Next, we will develop a Promotional Program Situation Analysis. Internal factors would be researched and reported, such as the capabilities to develop and implement a successful promotional program, strengths and weaknesses of your image, relative strengths and weaknesses of products/services, unique selling points, packaging and pricing. Equal attention will be given to external factors like characteristics of your customers, market segments, positioning strategies and competitors, both direct and indirect.

Our next step is to analyze the communications process, or how you can effectively communicate with your customers and prospects, including the response process. Various advertising media mix options will be considered, as well as other promotional mix elements. We will develop Communications Objectives at this stage, in terms of message content and what is to be accomplished; that is, awareness, image, favorable attitudes, preferences and purchase intentions. (Note: these are very different from Marketing Objectives in the Marketing Plan, that refer to criteria such as sales, market share, or profitability.)

A budget can be determined, preliminary at this point, based on estimates of what it will take to achieve the Communications Objectives. The final budget will be developed after each of the promotional elements has been planned with a set of objectives, strategies, budgets and responsibilities for implementation.

Once all of these elements are in writing and approved by you, we implement independently and/or with you. The final stage of the promotional planning process is that of monitoring, implementing and controlling the integrated marketing communications program. Measuring the results, then analyzing the data in terms of the objectives provides input for subsequent planning and strategy development.

Integrated Marketing Communications Process Model

Situation Analysis > Communications Process Analysis > Objectives > Budget > Implementation > Monitor & Evaluate