Many advertisers have long held the belief that the bigger the agency, the better the ideas, based on the commonly held notion that bigger is better. But times have changed.

Today, the big advertisers are downsizing and re-engineering their corporations to become more effective and efficient. They have realized that smaller groups of educated and trained individuals working together as teams are more productive and have more high quality breakthrough ideas than their former largely overstaffed departments with big overhead expenses. These reorganized companies and corporations encourage their small groups to network with other specialized units when necessary to expand their experience base and create synergy for bigger and better ideas.

Maybe we were ahead of our time, or just visionary. This agency was founded on the

belief that a small group of specialists working together as a team could outperform the bigger traditional agencies. We formed our network of talented suppliers who work with us to exceed our client expectations.


"Working together
as partners,
we have delivered
big ideas that have
helped our clients
outsmart their competitors . . .
not outspend them."

Tom Baker, President

How We Started

Our heritage dates to 1975, when we started Lexington's first creative commercial art and photography boutique. The full-service advertising agency was established in 1980. Since then, BAKER COMMUNICATIONS has grown to become a dynamic, highly respected advertising, marketing and public relations agency.

Served by a dedicated, educated and experienced staff, we can put together an integrated marketing communications package tailored to fit your company's need for a professionally-produced advertising, marketing and public relations program.

From its beginning, our agency has always strived to deliver first-rate quality marketing communications - the kind of strong and effective advertising, public relations, sales promotions and direct marketing that achieves outstanding results and produces breakthrough success for our clients.

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